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Our school community is strong and focused on ensuring the Whitegate experience for current students and future generations. Work of this importance requires ongoing support. Gifts to Whitegate Montessori Land School empower us to hire the finest teachers and offer excellence in educational programming to our students and families. Your support is essential and will have a resounding impact on advancing our mission to educate children to their fullest potential. Like all independent schools, WMLS relies on philanthropic support to help provide for the projects and programs that assist us in nurturing the children you have entrusted to us. At this school, contributions not only help achieve financial success but are also integral to preserving the very culture that we value so much.


Often families are unsure of the necessity of giving, assuming that tuition covers the complete cost of educating their student. The financial model that supports the school’s operation depends on two principal sources of revenue: tuition revenue and the philanthropy of alumni, parents, and friends. Gifts provide operational flexibility, taking over where tuition leaves off and providing the opportunity to do more – to support the people, programs, and activities that define the Whitegate standard of excellence. It takes all of us to support and uphold this unique learning experience. Your gift, no matter the size, strengthens our community and reinforces our commitment to stand out from the rest.

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