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1st – 6th grades

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Elementary aged students have enormous potential for the acquisition of academic content. In the Elementary, children are introduced to the entire universe of human knowledge. Through a series of dramatic and evocative lessons, which inspire exploration, discovery, and independent work, the elementary child explores everything from the the beginning of time to today's newspaper. Every possible field of study can be presented in the classroom and beyond, including history, geography, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, art, music, literature and much more. Elementary children extend their classroom experience by 'going out' in small groups, on student-organized trips, to the library, the theater, businesses, public facilities, or wherever their interests lead them.


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Daily Schedule

After a brief group gathering, the child's day begins at 8:30am with a three-hour, uninterrupted work period. This morning work period supports the child's ability to sustain focus for prolonged time periods. During this morning session, the child can choose to work on one large project like a research project or a huge math problem, or may choose to engage in several smaller projects. After one-hour of lunch and recess, the afternoon is spent on extended work and lesson time.


The children are allowed to move freely in and around the environment which is specially designed to meet their needs.  They learn to set their own goals, budget their time, choose their workmates, and evaluate their own progress. Students  may pursue topics which interest them through either small group or individual research. Meanwhile, the trained Montessori guide moves through the environment, assisting the students in their independent projects and giving small group lessons based on observation of each student's needs and interests.

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School Day

8:30am - 3:30pm


The Elementary program is five days a week and includes children from first through sixth grades.


Early Care/Late Stay

7:30am - 8:30am

3:30pm - 4:30pm


Whitegate Montessori Land School offers extended care to support our working families. During the extended day periods, the children enjoy their rich classroom environment and outdoor play opportunities.

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