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We think of our children’s development as a journey. As parents and educators we have a choice. We can prepare the journey for the child by removing  all obstacles, eliminating all disappointments, and generally abolishing every difficulty in his or her way. Or...


We can begin seeing obstacles as opportunities to develop grit, failures as chances for growth, and generally allowing children to shoulder some of their own load.


Children who are given the opportunity to work hard, to accomplish big things, and contribute to their community are better prepared to navigate the joys and challenges of adult life.


We are committed to the development of character because we understand it to be the single most influential and most powerful feature that any person has to affect change and create a life of his or her choosing.

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You are considering one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your child. Which school is right for your family?


Authentic learning requires activity and movement, exploration, room for curiosity, opportunities for students to teach and learn from one another, and space and permission for mistakes and failures.  That is what we offer at Whitegate Montessori Land School. Come visit our campus and observe our classrooms. Imagine your children nurtured to their fullest potential. Whitegate Montessori Land School is deliberately small and individually focused. Using proven Montessori methods, we cultivate independent, curious, lifetime learners as we inspire excellence and build community.


Whitegate Montessori Land School follows the Montessori model established by Maria Montessori.

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Montessori is the blueprint for an approach to learning that offers education as an aid to life.  In order to develop to the fullest, the child must have freedom – a freedom to be achieved through order and self-discipline.


The children’s innate passion for learning is encouraged by giving them opportunities to engage in spontaneous, purposeful activities. Through their work, the students develop concentration and joyful self-discipline. Within a framework of order, they progress at their own pace and rhythm, according to their individual capabilities.


All children are given lessons in the appropriate use of materials and in courteous behavior in the Montessori environment. The child begins to see school as a community where all are learning to live in harmony.

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